Imprint, Copyright and
Privacy Protection

Since the author of this website is a German citizen and the web servers are also located in Germany, this website is subject to German law and the actual imprint is in German. Here you will find a summary of those statements which might be of interest for most visitors.


All photographs on this website were taken by me, Roman Eisele. I have published the vast majority of them (and many more photos) under a free license in the free media file repository Wikimedia Commons. With each photo, you will find a link to the complete image decription on Wikimedia Commons (including the full resolution of the photo) and a link to the respective license.

The webfonts used on this website are licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) and are used according to the terms of that license.

Using Pictures

The photos on this website are not public domain; they are protected by copyright. But you can use each photo free of charge when you fulfill the conditions of the respective free license. You will find more explanations on this in the respective picture description on Wikimedia Commons and in the text of the linked license.

Violations of the law

If you discover a copyright infringement or any other legal violations on this website, please notify me. As soon as I become aware of a concrete infringement, I will remove the affected content. However, I can only do this as soon as I become aware of a concrete infringement; therefore, liability is only possible from the time I become aware of any infringement.

Data protection

Just in case you have not noticed it yet: you can visit and use this website without creating a user account and without providing personal data such as name, e-mail address, etc. The website does not set any cookies and does not use any other tracking techniques.

When you visit this website for the first time (and generally every time the website is visited without a language=... parameter in the URL), the website utilizes information provided by your browser about the preferred languages (the so-called Accept-Language request HTTP header) in order to guess in which language this website should be displayed. The browser’s information is not stored in any form, but is only used internally temporarily for that purpose.

The server on which the data of this website are stored automatically saves information in its log files that your browser transmits to the server. (This is the case with virtually all websites, by the way.) According to my web hoster, the IP addresses of visitors are recorded and stored in log files for a maximum of seven days. The storage of such data is generally considered indispensable for the operational security of the servers. The servers on which this website is located and on which the data are temporarily stored are located in Germany.

Since these data are not linked to data from other sources, I do not consider them as personal data and therefore not as relevant to privacy protection. If you disagree, you are welcome to conduct a test case, but please not with me — this issue applies to virtually all websites in the world, as said above.